New Release!

Mar 24, 2015

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Junmai NigoriSaké Sunday
New Release Party

We are breaking open our new saké. Come by the kura to meet the new toji, Jeff Bell, taste our first pressings, and buy some delicious, fresh saké. There will be origami and paper crafts for the kiddos so bring the whole family.

Sunday, March 29
2-5 pm
5501 N Lamar Blvd (in the back)

First of all, our apologies for the silence of late.

Yoed Anis, the founder and tōji of Texas Saké Co., sent a message to the Texas Saké Community earlier this summer that indicated the plan to shut down operations of Texas Saké. This message led a small group of investors and fermentation fanatics to join Yoed at Texas Saké Co., and keep the doors open and the saké flowing!

We are excited to be busy at the Kura, learning the ins-and-outs of saké production! Stay tuned for future updates on Texas Saké in the months ahead.

Your New Texas Saké Co. Team


Jun 20, 2014

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First of all thank you to the many who wrote in and stopped by expressing continued support and encouragement this week. Its been heartfelt to see the impact we have had on so many.  We wanted to send a quick note to let those that were expecting know that we will not be having an event this weekend or the following weekend. We are taking the time to explore an opportunity to keep our doors open for quiet a bit longer…  We will keep you posted.


We first opened our doors October 1st, 2011 to an excited and welcoming reception.  With the encouragement, help, advice and support of many family, friends, employees, and strangers we made sizable achievements in our first few years.   From the fun family-friendly events at our Sake Kura, to Farmer’s markets and numerous tastings across the state, it was great seeing people get into sake and learning about our state’s special rice history and Japanese connection.  We’ve received wonderful receptions and encouragement both here and abroad and were passionate at making our own traditional style sake in Texas. Our Whooping Crane sake even achieved a couple medals at two wine competitions.

Despite all our positive achievements, being a small mom & pop run business puts you at certain risk to things even unrelated to business. In our case, personal health issues are causing the need to close shop.

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I announce that we will be closing the Texas Sake Company within the next few weeks.  We are honoring all our obligations as we close and as a small token of our appreciation to our loyal fans, guild members, and community there will be a few opportunities in the near future where you may buy any of our existing inventories both by bottle and in tank (bring your growlers) at good discount. You can join our mailing list to receive info on those opportunities.

It has been a great journey, we have all grown so much and got to meet so many interesting, kind, and fascinating people across the globe that have been very supportive of all our efforts, many who have since become our friends.   We appreciate all the support and hope that at least the legacy of the Texas Sake Company helps fuel greater awareness and appreciation for a fascinating and delicious beverage and our state’s important rice industry!


Yoed Anis
Founder & Toji
Texas Sake Co

Nothing goes better with Saké than your very own Texan Whooping Crane in adorable plush form!

We’ve been so busy this winter turning our rice into deliciousness that its been hard to keep up with our blog. But we do have a few cool updates, and had a break to finally tell y’all about it!

1) We are now available by Distributors!

It really is nice not to have to drive to our accounts, although we will miss the opportunity to visit with so many unique and interesting wine geeks, chefs, and operators, we will enjoy having more time again so we can brew more delicious sake.

You can find us via:

2) We are doing some nice things with aging sake and hope to have our Tumbleweed style available in retail soon… so make sure you join our mail list (at the top of this page) if you haven’t done so already.

3) As we grow, very soon there will be investment opportunities, contact us through our about page if you’d like to introduce yourself or someone you may believe would be interest to learn more.

Until next time,


We are not processing any online orders as we retool towards the fall. Please e-mail us with your request in the meantime.