Texas Saké Fridge Magnet


High fashion fridge-enhancement device.

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Product Description

Trying to think of ways to improve the design and quality aesthetic of your home, kitchen, garage, or office break room?

We have a simple, affordable solution that will amaze your friends, dazzle co-workers, and turn frenemies into enemies. How you ask? Simple! With this amazing circular magnet embossed with the seal of the best thing to happen to Texas since Spindletop, the Texas Sake Company! Achieve instant street-cred, depth, and intrigue by placing this device on a magnetic surface and just wait and see the amazing results!

Order yours today while supplies last. When they run out, we’ll get more supplies.

  • Expertly engineered 2 1/4″ diameter round magnet for your fridge made affordably in the USA. 
  • Do not wash, dry, or attempt to consume as beverage.

Additional Information

Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 x 2.25 x .1 in