Nothing goes better with Saké than your very own Texan Whooping Crane in adorable plush form!
When not migrating 2000mi between Texas and Canada this super-soft plush Whooper enjoys relaxing around Saké Kuras.Observe the Whooping Crane relaxing in this unique urban environment.When standing this adorable little guy is 11" tall, its real life cousin is the tallest bird in all of North America and stand higher than 5 feet tall. But unlike the cute plush sold here, they are also much louder and owning them sort of violates the Endangered Species Act.

Whooping Crane Plush


Your very own Whooping Crane without violating the Endangered Species Act!

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Product Description

Ever wanted to own your very own Whooping Crane without violating the Endangered Species Act?

Of course you have! What a silly question, and now your chance has finally arrived with our flock of super-soft (and did we say cute?) plush Whoopers.

With our Whoopers, not only can you avoid violating a federal law but they are so much softer, huggable, and quieter than their wild brethren. They won’t fly away from dogs or kids (although it is recommended they get their own) and they are completely kid-safe and do well in urban environments and residential homes.

Fun for the whole family!

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 8 x 11 in