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“Inspired by tradition, but not bound by it.”

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We use only the highest quality ingredients in our saké: premium Calrose rice that is polished to 70%, home-grown koji, classic saké yeast #9, and filtered Austin water. Blended with a pinch of “Austin Weird”, these core elements yield clean and accessible saké for true aficionados as well as bold and experimental flavors to suit any palate.


"Flavor as bold as Texas."

— Co-Founder, Tim Klatt

Nigori :

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"We are pioneering a new palette in America "

— Toji Jeff Bell

Oak Junmai :

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A Texas first

Texas Saké Company was founded in 2011, a true Texas First. For the good part of a decade, we’ve applied the rugged and enterprising spirit of Texas to an age-old process steeped in tradition in order to produce bold, clean and exciting products that have sparked a renaissance in the American Craft Saké movement.

The Founders

Adam Blumenshein, Co-Founder: Experienced fermenter, co-founder of Texas Saké Company, Barrel Creek Provisions, Strange Land Brewery, and Greenbelt Craft Beverages.

Jeff Bell, Toji: Master guide of saké production, oversees all aspects of kura operations including sourcing, koji production and elevating saké palates world-wide.

Tim Klatt, Co-Founder: Resident scientist, fermenting master and naturalist with extensive experience launching and operating Austin-based CPG companies. 

Nate Klatt, CFO: Founder and Managing Director of Rockport Investment Partners with 20+ years of experience in consulting, valuation, mergers & acquisitions, and finance leadership.