TSC Limited Edition Pottery Set Release

By Chris Long

By Chris Long

Recently we teamed up with a local pot maker to create a unique experience for our customers. We wanted pieces that speak to the direction our brand is already headed, and Chris Long was the perfect fit. Marrying the two styles of our Brand Artist [Justin Kizzart], and Chris's beautiful crackling technique, just seemed effortless. What better way to enjoy the art of drinking saké, then with your own set. We are proud to support local Austin Artist, and so should you. Each set is signed by Chris Long himself.

Kanpai Y’all!


$12...single cup


$60...set(2cup+1 carafe)



“comfortable pots that are visually engaging”


Chris Long is a native Texan and full time studio potter living and working in central Austin. When not on tour with his band “Hikes”, he can be found working in the studio he built in 2017. The aim of his work is to make comfortable pots that are visually engaging. Chris has been working with clay for over 10 years, and in that time his interest in the medium has taken him around the world to Costa Rica and Taiwan, where he was fortunate enough to participate in various artist in residency programs. The cultural and historical significance of Ceramics found in these cultures impacted his life and work enormously. Chris studied under Ishmael Soto from 2009-2012 and worked as an apprentice/ assistant for Ryan McKerley from 2012- 2017. His current body of work is made up of wheel thrown porcelain and occasional stoneware, oxidation fired to cone 6. The forms are uncomplicated and still, while the topographic lines on the surface create a sense of motion inside the simple form. This contrast mirrors his life as a touring musician and studio potter. The still, quiet solitude of a life as a potter, contrasted with the loud, motion filled life of a touring musician.

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